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4483 Randall Road Riverside, CA 92501

"Dear Fred and Crystal,


Rick and I are so thrilled with the painting of Randall. I had wanted something like that for so long-I will contact the artist and have one made for our Redwood home (Their replacement property we helped them purchase, also an adorable vintage home in downtown Riverside). 


We know you were as relieved as us when the our house sold. It was frustrating for all of us. More important we are happy to be on Redwood and we are making the house our own. When it is all done, we will have you over to see the house.


Thank you again for all your incredibly thoughtful gift. It will be treasured, and most of all thank you for all of your hard work to get our house sold."


Keep in touch,


Mary and Rick

See what Rick and Mary Arden had to say:

Thank you Rick and Mary,


We wanted to thank you for choosing us! We helped Rick and Mary sell their home on Randall and purchase their replacement property on Redwood. Selling their home on Randall was a real Challenge because of some inherent problems that could not be overcome. Although Randall was and is a beautiful home it had a steep long stairway as the only means of access to the property and the front door (Which was the main reason for Rick and Mary's decision to downsize at their age, they felt it was time to let let it go. So, the most likely candidates to purchase had to be young and that left a small window of who can afford it and would want a vintage home. Through a ton of work on the sellers part and ours we were able to find a great buyer.

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