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Interior Design by Crystal

Houghton front 1 960 x 1430
front right side
bathroom 2
courtyard 2
sunroom wide

Crystal and I have flipped dozens of homes for many clients over the years. It wasn’t long after we started, that we realized something very important, a void in the market created by flippers. Every time we saw a new flip show up on the market, it seemed rushed, poorly planned, and badly designed. It takes more than new flooring, paint, and Home Depot to really get the most out of your investment. We realized that a house with real character, well thought out design, and real planning, would mesmerize potential buyers and maximize your investment and the price point. We weren’t just flipping a house, we were creating someone’s dream home.

Crystal truly turned this 1929 Spanish home into a master piece of style and taste. Although it looks as if we spared no expense in the renovation, we stayed well below our budget. By using Crystal Coleman’s 5 years of interior design experience, she put together a home that was modern, but still had the taste of a true Spanish. See the below and after pictures, and you’ll begin to understand how we sold this home for $30,000 above market value.


Before and After



Fred Gordon 951-545-8846


Crystal Coleman 951-545-8846

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