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9715 Carrari Ave Rancho Cucamonga

This is what Dave had to say about our service

"With Fred Gordon I was confident I had someone with lots of experience (believe he's sold something like 150 or 200 plus houses) who was on my side. And unlike the sometimes superficial responses you get from real estate people his input was more like you'd expect from some lifelong friend who you  had no doubt was doing their best to help you and gave you their candid opinion.  I never felt like he was trying to push me in any direction.

He returned calls promptly. He seems to be very active, and approaches his job as a career, not as a hobby or something he's going to try out for a while. He's seems like a naturally friendly guy which is a big asset with all that's involved in a real estate deal these days. At the same time he absolutely can be tough without being rude."

"I will definitely go back to him for any future real estate deals." 

David Wittenburg

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